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Mold Test USA is currently considered the largest mold testing and inspection company in the country. We are currently in 45 states with over 200 affiliate partners to help you. We have certified, local mold inspectors to help you with your residential and commercial mold testing and mold inspection needs.

Mold Test USA has been featured on the CBS show the Doctors and interviewed on “The Weather Channel” and “MSN.” Our credibility speaks for itself. We are here to help.

If you suspect a mold problem in your home or commercial business take quick action! Test your home or commercial office for unsafe mold bacteria immediately. Do not put yourself, your family, or co-workers at risk!

Mold Test USA only uses Certified Inspectors for Mold Testing & Inspections

You should only use certified inspectors to test and inspect for mold in your home or place of business. Mold Test USA only uses certified inspectors. When assessing any mold inspection service, be sure they are certified. Certified mold inspectors have all of the latest tools needed to find the source of the mold. They know what to look for and where to look in order to find conditions conducive to mold growth.

If mold testing determines a need for mold removal or mold remediation, our certified mold inspector can help you through the process. At Mold Test USA all of our mold inspectors are professionally trained and mold certified. This means they have been through an extensive training class and have passed a comprehensive exam to become a certified mold inspector.

Armed with the latest tools, training and technology in the industry, our mold inspectors are ready to help you with your residential or commercial business.

If mold removal is needed, we will be your personal consultant all the way through the process. We can help you with remediation contracts and estimates. We will give you years of valuable information and experience. For example, always use a licensed, insured, and certified mold remediation company. Be sure that they are okay with you using your mold testing company to do your post testing.

Mold Test USA may be the only company in the entire industry that only uses Biologist and Microbiologist to read you your results. 

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