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Visible mold
Recent water damage to the house
Experiencing strange smell
Planning to sell
the property
Inspecting a home or business for purchase
Looking for
peace of mind

  • Visible mold growth
  • Recent water damage to the house
  • Experiencing strange smell
  • Planning to sell the property
  • Inspecting a home or business for purchase
  • Looking for peace of mind
  • Experiencing health complications

Being experts in our industry, we help our clients deal with the situations along with helping them find the origin of mold. However, not all mold detection and inspection companies want you to know that all molds are not equally dangerous. The truth is that molds are omnipresent and every indoor environment has tolerable levels. If the experts you have hired simply do the visual inspection without testing, they are just taking a guess on your indoor air quality. However, with Mold Test USA, we offer valuable services by giving you samples and scientific evidence about what exactly is going on at your property.

If you think that you should involve a third party company, whether to test a noticeable mold issue or just to give you peace of mind, make sure it is one as honest and skilled as Mold Test USA. Even when you know that the problem is around you, you still stand to gain a lot from our presence as we will let you know exactly what is going on by giving you a clear picture and precise details about the exact work needed. We will determine how far the problem has spread and then finally work on inspecting and testing every aspect.

We offer a detailed report with a step-by-step guide on the testing and inspection of the mold on your home or property. We assure that you will definitely save on your money by spending a little on getting the mold test and inspection done. With our test results, you get peace of mind and save money. Our detailed protocol not only makes the process easier but also ensures that the necessary work will be done.

Everyone has a different reason to hire mold testing and inspection company, but the experts at Mold Test USA have you covered. If you think that your property is facing a similar problem, you need to take charge of the condition and act quickly. We advise this to our customers not because they are in deep danger, but because the sooner you get hold of these problems, the easier (and cheaper) it is to deal with them.

You should only use certified & professional mold inspectors in USA to test and inspect for mold in your home or place of business. Mold Test USA only uses certified home mold inspectors – that’s how high our standards are. When assessing any mold test and inspection service, be sure they are certified. Certified Mold Inspectors have all of the latest tools needed to find the source of the mold. They know what to look for and where to look in order to find conditions conducive to mold growth.

At first, many people are apprehensive about dealing with a nationwide company, however, there is a specific reason behind a majority of people trusting us and returning back to utilize our services. When you hire a local inspector for mold inspection, you are actually risking your property, but by hiring a team of professionals, you have greater chances of achieving the best results. At Mold Test USA, customer’s concerns and complaints are taken very seriously and we do our best to offer satisfactory services.

Now you may be thinking “When you can see the mold, what is the point of getting an inspection done?” Here are some pointers on how you can benefit by hiring the right home mold inspectors. The most important benefit that you get from hiring the experts is to know about your indoor air quality. Mold releases thousands of spores in the air, thus causing potential health problems and there is no other way to determine the quality of indoor air except air samples.

In order to fix the air problems present in your home, extensive air cleaning needs to take place. What you see on the surface is only 1/1000 times of the actual problem. Bringing in the experts allows you to reach a more informed decision. By having a detailed report, you will not only save your dollars but it will also ensure that you breathe in cleaner air. Moreover, if you are not able to see anything but still experience the symptoms, our experts will help you find right problem along with offering a solution

Mold Test USA may be the only company in the entire

industry that only uses Biologist and Microbiologist to read you your results. 

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