Is Black Mold Dangerous?

black mold in a petri dish under microscope

Is black mold dangerous? The answer is, yes. The truth is black mold is a term most commonly used to describe a type of mold known as Stachybotrys Chatarum or Stachybotrys Atra. This is the type of mold that you hear about in the news or read about on the internet. If you have Stachybotrys it can be very dangerous. It is especially dangerous for children, seniors, and people with immune deficiencies.

Although Stachybotrys is the most common black mold, it is not the only mold that is black. There are several other mold spores that are black as well, some of which are dangerous. Even if a mold is not considered toxic mold, it has the potential to be an allergen. Don’t be confused. Just because you find what appears to be black mold, this does not mean it is going to kill you. Most experts agree that there are over 100,000 different species of mold spores, which come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Just because you see what appears to be black mold, it does not mean it is Stachybotrys. It could be mildew, dirt, or another mold species.  

As mold inspectors, if we see what appears to be black mold, we cannot legally say that it is Stachybotrys or even, mold, without testing. We can only say that it appears to be microbial activity. This is a good reason for a mold inspector to conduct a mold test: The last thing you want to do, is to have an expensive mold remediation without first having a mold test.

The only way to tell if what you are seeing is dangerous is to have it tested by an accredited lab. Once you have samples taken, they are sent to a laboratory to be read under a microscope. The lab can tell what it is and to what level it is present. This is the only way to find out if your house is toxic or if you need to have mold remediation.

 *Tips from “The Mold Brothers”

Never wipe down what you think could be mold. When you wipe off mold to remove it, you disturb the mold colony and release millions of mold spores into the air. Mold enters our bodies through inhalation and the skin.

If you suspect you have mold, get your house tested by a professional. The longer you wait, the more detrimental it can be for you and your family’s health. Chronic long-term exposure to mold can cause irreversible health issues, even leading to death.


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