Brooklyn, NY

Mold Testing in Brooklyn, NY

Are you and your family members feeling ill for no apparent reason? Household mold can be extremely toxic and hazardous to your health. It’s imperative to call for a mold testing as soon as you possible to assess what is causing your symptoms. Black mold and other household molds can lead to flu-like symptoms, allergies, headaches, nausea and skin irritations. If you suspect mold in your Brooklyn home or apartment…

Call Mold Test USA for industry leading mold testing and inspection services!

When calling a mold remediation company, they’ll often suggest costly mold removal services without properly testing for an elevated mold spore count. When a mold remediation company tests and inspects your home or apartment, they’re more likely to propose their services even when they may not be necessary.

Our Brooklyn based team is comprised of fully certified inspectors with the latest tools, training and technology in the industry. Not only does Mold Test USA offer industry leading inspection services, we can help with remediation contracts, estimates and more.

Commercial Mold Inspection in Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to mold testing for businesses, Mold Test USA’s Brooklyn commercial mold inspection division offers years of expertise in the area. Mold Test USA is the only mold inspection company in the industry, offering timely test results performed by certified biologists and microbiologists. With our Booklyn Commercial team, your business is in good hands.

Call our Brooklyn based mold inspection team as soon as you suspect mold in your home or business! With satisfied customers throughout Brooklyn, New York and across the United States, you can trust Mold Test USA!