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California Mold Testing and InspectionsIf you are living in a California home and your home needs mold abatement you may consider mold testing first. People all over the country are making the mistake of having mold abatement first rather than mold testing. When this happens, you are faced with never knowing whether the mold you had removed was toxic or not. There are over 100,000 different types of mold in California and the rest of the United States. Every California house has some mold.

There are two questions that come into play when having your California home tested for mold. What kind of mold is present? And how much mold is present?  The only way to find out is to have mold testing performed. When most people in California hear the word mold they instantly think black mold. In all actuality mold comes in various colors, red, green, Brown, white, and of course black, just to name a few. Not all mold spores are bad. Some of them are actually good, such as Penicillium, which is used to make the drug penicillin.

All in all when it comes to mold testing first or mold abatement first, the answer is always test first. It all comes down to the money. If it is toxic then it is high risk, high pay. If you have questions, please feel free to contact  Mold Test USA at anytime. We always have a mold specialist standing by.

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Mold Test USA is one of the most proficient mold testing & inspection service providers located in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto in California since March 2009. Our value added by trustworthy services have made us thrive prosperously. We are known for facilitating clients with the best in class services at affordable and comparatively low prices that others in the industry offer.

Our team of exceptionally trained and certified mold testing & inspection inspectors are aware with if indoor mold left unchecked, it may result in total damage of the structure of any property. It may further lead to ruin drywall and wood rot. You and your family run the risk of becoming infected with various health problems too.

Take up skilled and professional mold testing & inspection services in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto, CA before it is too late. Mold Test USA specialize in delivering optimum results with the help and expertise of our team of professional microbiologists and biologists by utilizing tools of the latest technology and contemporary equipment.

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What Makes Mold Test USA Exclusive?

  • Our team of licensed mold testing and scrutiny inspectors.
  • Our expertise that we have managed to accumulate since the company’s inception in March 2009.
  • Our promptness of delivering the most précised results on timely manner.
  • Our use of modern equipment and avant-garde technology.
  • The use of authorized microbiologists and biologists for accurate assessment of the presence of mold.
  • Our proficiency and trustworthiness of delivering result oriented solutions.
  • The exclusive blend of our professional approach, expertise, quality and reliability.

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