Fresno – Visalia, CA

Mold Testing & Inspection by Experts in Fresno, CA

Whether you are living in Fresno or Visalia, CA you will certainly feel the need of hiring a professional mold testing & inspection service provider. However, to get the précised results exploring the presence of mold at your premises, it is always recommended to hire a certified company. At Mold Test USA, we assure to give you accurate results.

Since March 2009, we have been thriving successfully in delivering exceptional services incorporating professional approach, accurate results, promptness, pioneering ideas, state of the art tools and equipment and expert & certified inspectors. We scrutinize the environmental situation of your property in Fresno or Visalia, CA thoroughly prior collecting the samples.

The availability of around more than 200 affiliate partners helps Mold Test USA to deliver specialized mold testing and inspection services effortlessly. We encompass a comprehensive team of certified assessment inspectors that are always ready to cater such needs, be it a commercial or residential property, anywhere in Fresno or Visalia, CA.

Do you suspect mold on your properties? Call Mold Test USA today to schedule mold testing and inspection for your home and business.

Give Your Family Healthy Living Environment

We, at Mold Test USA, located in Fresno and Visalia, CA guarantee to provide you and your family with a clean, safe and healthy living environment. Here are a few symptoms that are generally associated with illness through the exposure of mold infections that nobody will want his or her family to get affected with:

  • Light sensitivity & headache
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Weakness & fatigue
  • Bizarre numbness, tingling & skin sensations
  • Joint pains & morning stiffness
  • Difficult word finding & poor memory
  • Chronic cough, sinus congestion & shortness of breath

Certified Mold Testing in Fresno & Visalia, CA

Mold Test USA in Fresno & Visalia, CA is one of the most admirable mold testing & inspection companies available since March 2009. We offer only certified and authorized inspectors who go through strict testing frameworks prior getting licensed. BBB accreditation with A+ rating simply adds to the trustworthiness of our company.

Experience the exclusiveness of Mold Test USA in California at competitive prices.