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Colorado Mold Testing and InspectionsIf you are looking for a mold testing and mold inspection company in Colorado, or in your Colorado home, you came to the right place. Mold Test USA. We pride ourselves on being the undisputed leader in mold testing and mold inspections throughout the State of Colorado. We at Mold Test USA provide you with scientific laboratory results. Also, we are most likely the only mold testing company in the entire mold industry that has a results analyst, that is a biologist, or a microbiologist. That will read your results to you. This way we are sure that you understand your results.

We have mold specialist standing by to answer any questions that you may have about mold in general. Even if you choose not to hire us to do a mold test or mold inspection of your Colorado home. We will gladly help in any way we can. Feel free to call Mold Test USA  anytime to see if we can help.

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What is this musty odor I smell in my home?

Do you smell a musty odor in your Colorado home? If you live in Colorado, you are subject to some very harsh winters as you already know. Therefore, in the winter we tend to bundle up and close ourselves up in the house quite a bit. That is usually when we tend to smell those musty odors. One thing you may want to look at is your roof. The Colorado snow will break down the roof over a period of time. The roof is always wet. Therefore, if your roof cannot hold up the way it should, it will start to leak, thus eventually leading to mold growth.

As a Mold Inspector one of the greatest tools we have available is our nose. If we smell a musty odor, that is usually a dead giveaway that there is mold somewhere in the house. The question is, is the mold elevated and what kind of mold is present. There are over 100,000 different types of mold in Colorado and around the world. The question everyone wants to know is; is this mold dangerous to my health or dangerous to my child’s health. First of all, if you do have a child in the house please do not hesitate in any way to have mold testing done. Mold can be extremely dangerous to a child’s health. Usually it will attack them first, because their immune systems not as strong as an adult.

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Value Added Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Denver,CO

Even with the construction of homes in this beautiful city, there are times when you must consider the need of taking up specialized mold testing and inspection services. For this purpose, there is no company that can provide you better services than Mold Test USA, located in Denver, CO. We specialize in mold testing and inspection services and we have the expertise to deliver accurate results.

Our team of indoor air quality assessors includes industry experts who have years of experience to weigh multifaceted air problems in any type of property, both in commercial or residential properties. Our certified mold testing and inspection examiners, we send, are proficient to highlight the issues and the causes of mold to every property owner and assure to deliver the best results.

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Mold Test USA – An Ideal Service Partner

Mold Test USA in Denver, CO can be your ideal service partner when it comes to efficient mold testing & inspection. We are presently listed as the biggest mold testing & inspection companies countrywide. We have a comprehensive team of affiliate partners that add to the value and reliability of our services not only in Denver, CO but other parts of the country too.

Yes, it is absolutely true that one should hire the services of licensed mold testing and inspection inspectors. The best place to start is by hiring Mold Test USA as your exclusive service provider in Denver, CO. Our certified inspectors are always mandatorily backed with the latest tools and equipment required to collect the samples and evaluate the presence of mold on any property.

Reasons Why Mold Test USA Is Worth Hiring

There are numerous reasons to hire Mold Test USA in Denver, CO and some of them are mentioned underneath:

  • We incorporate only authorized mold testing and inspection assessors.
  • We keep on updating the latest tools, equipment and technology to explore the presence of mold at your property.
  • We are not a mold remediation company, so you can trust on our results as we do not get any leads to generate sales through remediation.
  • We send the samples to the authorized laboratory only for accurate results.

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