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Mold Test USA is the mold testing & inspection experts in West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce and other cities located in Florida since March 2009. Our honest and trustworthy service has allowed us to thrive as a nationally recognized company. We are known for providing people with the best in class services at competitive prices.

Our team of exceptionally trained, licensed and certified mold testing & inspection experts are well aware that if indoor mold is left unchecked, it may result in total damage of the property. In earlier stages it will lead to ruining drywall and even wood rot. Above all, the worst part about mold in your home is that your family might get affected.  It may present as various health problems due to mold exposure.

It is always worth taking up skilled and professional mold testing & inspection services in West Palm Beach & Fort Pierce, Florida before it is too late. Mold Test USA specializes in delivering the optimum results with the help of a team of professional microbiologists and biologists as well as tools of latest technology and contemporary equipment & expertise.

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What Makes Mold Test USA Mold Testing & Inspection Experts?

  • Our team of expert licensed mold testing and inspectors.
  • Our best in class expertise that we have been sharing with clients since March 2009.
  • Our promptness of delivering the most precise results on timely manner.
  • Our use of modern equipment and state of the art technology.
  • The use of authorized microbiologists and biologists for accurate assessment of the presence of mold.
  • Our proficiency and trustworthiness of delivering result oriented solutions.
  • The exclusive blend of our professional approach, expertise, quality and reliability.


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