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Georgia Mold Testing and InspectionsIs your Georgia home suffering from a mold and mildew infection? What is mold and mildew? This is a question very commonly asked by people not only in Georgia, but everywhere. Most questions you can easily input into Google, and get an answer right away. This question is a little bit different if you ask Google. When you ask the question “what is the difference between mold and mildew?” the whole first page in the search engine is polluted with different answers. The best answer I have found, and the best answer I can give you is; there is no difference between mold and mildew. Mildew is actually a type of mold. Yes, it is powdery and can usually be wiped down and made to disappear. Do keep in mind that if it appears to be mold it most likely is. Either way mildew, just like mold likes a wet and moist environment. That is why mildew is most commonly found on your shower curtain or around the caulk areas of your tub or shower.

Always take precautions. When it comes to your Georgia home, you cannot take a chance. It is always a good time to have mold testing done. Believe it or not, Georgia is in the top five areas for mold throughout the country. A home is a huge investment, whether it is in Georgia or anywhere else. Professional mold testing by a licensed and certified firm will give you a piece of mind.

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A Quick Bathroom Tip For Your Georgia Home

If you notice cracks in the tiles of your shower, or you see missing caulk. Be sure to fix the problem right away. You may not see any apparent damage. However, it doesn’t take much for water to run into those cracks and seams. What will happen is mold will start to grow behind the tile inside the wall. You may be thinking to yourself that mold would not cause a threat if it were inside the wall, but that is far from the truth. mold is microscopic. It will find a way in to your home. Usually between boards in the floor or around vents and even light switches. If something does start to appear in these areas, it could possibly be mold, in which case mold testing should be done to identify what particular kind it is. Keep your Georgia home beautiful, don’t take a chance.

Symptoms to Mold Allergies in Georgia 

Living in Georgia can be tough for someone who suffers from allergies. In the spring time for instance, there is pollen everywhere. Mold allergies are quite the same. In a lot of ways. One thing about mold allergies is it does affect different people in different ways. Some symptoms to mold allergies include red burning eyes, irritated skin, rashes, runny nose, coughing, headaches, sinus problems, and of course asthma. If you are suffering from some of the symptoms to mold allergies or if you have questions about the symptoms that you are having. You can call a Mold Test USA mold specialist any time.

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