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Macon GAHi to all of you residing in Macon GA! If you are in need of a mold test, mold inspection, or even a mold remediation in your home or business call Mold Test USA at 1-877-701-2606! We have mold consultants waiting to speak with you about your mold situation and answer any questions you may have about toxic mold.  If you’re from Macon, you are well aware that it can get quite sweltering in the summer. It gets very humid in the summer mornings and stays that way throughout most of the day.

Summer brings with it a lot of rain as well. These two together create a great combination to attract mold and mildew. Black toxic mold is mentioned a lot in the news now and days. Toxic mold can be black but it isn’t necessarily black. It is a common misconception within the public today. Mold can come in a variety of colors and textures. Because there are so many different types of mold and it is hard to differentiate between the toxic and non-toxic molds, it is important to have mold testing done first and foremost when you discover mold.  Toxic mold can be very dangerous to your health and to your Macon home. The mold consultants can book a mold inspection for your home or business and you will be able to find out if your home has any form of toxic mold or not.

Have mold growth or suspect there might be mold in your home or business, call Mold Test USA and speak with a mold expert today!

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Can Bleach Kill Mold?

Macon GAA common misconception is that mold can be cleaned with a simple home remedy of bleach and water. Doing this can actually make your mold situation worse. You will wipe off the visible mold colony, but the roots of the mold spores are still present on the surface. Then the water from the mixture only brings more “fuel to the fire” so to speak. Usually the mold will be gone for a short period of time but then it will grow back and often it will grow to a larger size than before. Another issue when you try to clean up mold yourself, is you can spread mold spores by disturbing the mold colonies and then the mold spores can become airborne. If you do not know what type of mold you are dealing with, cleaning the mold can make you very sick if the mold happens to be toxic or you have an unknown allergy to the type of mold.

A mold inspection should always be done right away when you find mold in your home or business. Mold Test USA is a mold inspection company that can have a certified inspector out to your Macon home or office to determine what type of mold, if any, is present.  A mold consultant can answer any questions that you have about mold in your home or mold exposure symptoms.


Don’t delay, call Mold Test USA right away!