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Valdosta GAHello to all of you residing in Valdosta, GA!  There are trained Mold Test USA mold consultants waiting to speak with you about your particular situation and answer any questions that you may have about mold.

If you live in Valdosta, Georgia, you very well know that it is pretty much considered a tropical climate. The summers are humid, hot and muggy, and the winters could almost be considered nonexistent to some, with temperatures rarely dipping below freezing. All of the moisture and constant warm weather can put a lot of strain on Valdosta homes and buildings. It is imperative that your home is properly protected against the excess moisture. Excess moisture usually means that mold is lurking somewhere and it is not too far behind. If you believe that you have a mold or moisture problem in your Valdosta home or business…

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Mold Growth in Schools, Valdosta GA

Valdosta GATeachers and staff at an elementary school nearby to Valdosta GA, came back from summer break to quite an unpleasant surprise. Many of the staff rooms and classrooms seemed to have an outbreak of mold. There was mold throughout the rooms, speckling cabinets, desks, walls, and ceilings. The school had the contaminated areas cleaned a total of four times before they finally hired a professional mold inspection company to come out and do some mold tests. The elementary school had elevated levels of mold that was not found in the outside environment. The environmentalist who did the mold sampling believed the mold issue was caused by excess condensation in the air ducts.The mold was remediated and the cause of the problem fixed. Dehumidifiers were placed in affected areas to prevent any further mold growth. Because of how unexpectedly long the entire process took, the school year was put on about a week and a half delay. The process took so much longer because the elementary school didn’t originally have the school tested for mold when they first saw the visible growth.

Most people make the mistake of not having the mold tested in the beginning stages, when it is first founded. They instinctively clean it up or have it professionally cleaned, then are perplexed as to why it starts growing back in a week or so. You should always have a mold inspection with mold testing, then have a mold remediation based on the specific molds that are found, and then have a post clearance remediation test to make sure that there is no mold remaining. This is the most effective way to get rid of toxic mold and to protect your home and family from mold exposure. If you have found mold anywhere in your home..

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