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Is black mold a problem in Idaho? The answer to that question is absolutely. Black mold is a problem everywhere. The modern misconception with black mold is that mold is black. Mold actually comes in many different colors such as black, green, brown, red, and even white mold makes an appearance from time to time. When you hear the term black mold. The media is usually referring to the scientific organism called Stackybotrys. Another thing about black mold is that mold does not have to be black to get you sick.

There is mold in every state. Mold doesn’t know whether it is in Idaho are not. Mold is looking for three things that it needs in order to survive; oxygen, food, and moisture. Oxygen is obvious we can’t do anything about that. Food sources are overwhelming. The most common food sources are drywall, carpet, fabric, would, or any other organic substance. It is almost impossible to eliminate black mold food sources. The only thing that we can control is the moisture. Keep in mind mold doesn’t need water to grow it only needs moisture.


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The proper steps for you to take if you are concerned about black mold in your Idaho home, is first and foremost have mold testing and a good mold inspection. Idaho is kind of well-known for having mold inspectors perform mold remediation. Although it is a huge conflict of interest for one company to do both the mold inspection and the mold remediation/mold removal companies in Idaho are doing it all the time. The reason why is, unlike Texas and Florida, there are no laws preventing professional mold companies from performing both mold assessment/mold inspection, and mold removal. It’s like grading your own homework. The way these companies come in is under the pretenses of giving you a free estimate. The estimate is not for mold testing. The estimate is to have the mold removed. Why? Because that is where the money is. What if it is dirt? How would any mold remediation company know whether they are looking at dirt or mold without having testing done. What if the mold spores are not dangerous? Do you feel that it is necessary to pay someone $25-$30 an hour to remove mold that is not harmful? Any handy man would be willing to remove dirt for $8-$9 an hour. If you live in Idaho, it is going to be really tough to find a mold company that only does testing. If you would like non-biased mold testing, or if you have any questions or concerns,give Mold Test USA a call today!


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