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Illinois Mold Testing and InspectionIf you have a house in some parts of Illinois, like Chicago, you have seen some pretty heavy water damage. Generally, a couple of times of year Chicago will receive heavy rain sometimes mixed with melting snow. This will cause the water table to rise. The problem with that is, most Illinois homes have basements. If the sump pumps fails to operate the water table will continue to rise, breaking its way through the concrete and eventually saturating the basement. Outside of the obvious destruction of the basement, when this happens, there is a larger problem at hand. When there is a heavy flood all of the professional water damage companies are busy and usually they have all of their equipment out being used. So it is up to the homeowner at this point, to do his own water damage restoration. Chances are most people don’t have industrial dehumidifiers and air movers, nor do they have $15,000 vacuum systems, hanging out in the garage.

The reason I’m saying all this simply brings me to my next point. Being that your average homeowner does not know how to do a proper water damage restoration, the chances of a Illinois home having mold is big. I would say that Illinois homes, above all other states should have mold testing or a mold inspection at least once a year. If you are just moving to Illinois, mold testing or a thorough mold inspection should be on your top priority list. You should always have mold and mildew tested before you move into a home. Especially in Illinois. If you have any questions or concerns click here.

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