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When a person is exposed to damp and moldy environments, there may be health effect or none whatsoever. There are people who can be extremely sensitive to mold. These people can experience irritation in the throat, eyes and skin, coughing and wheezing. In 2004, there was an abundant amount of evidence that linked exposure to environments that was damp to respiratory symptoms.

Indoor mold only needs oxygen and moisture to continue growing and reproducing spores. Mold can grow almost any organic matter. Mold can grow on insulation, carpet, cardboard, ceiling tiles and more. You can control mold by controlling your humidity levels, removing or replacing any damp areas, and using ventilation in your bathroom, shower and kitchen.

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Who Can I Call to do Mold Testing and Inspection at My Home

It is recommended to call mold experts when you suspect mold in your home. The mold experts that you decide to entrust your home with, such as Mold Test USA, should be able to send their certified assessors to your home to analyze thoroughly from top to bottom, your home. The company you decide to go with should be able to collect mold samples once they are doing the walk through and then should send those samples to their laboratories. Mold Test USA has a team of reliable biologists and microbiologists to test your samples.

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Specialized Mold Testing & Assessment in Chicago, Illinois

One of the oldest and most reliable mold testing & assessment companies in Chicago, Illinois is Mold Test USA. Since March 2009, we have specialized our services by providing a dedicated and comprehensive team of certified inspectors. Mold Test USA’s affiliated partners contribute to our value added mold testing & inspection services. Since March 2009, we have been successful in providing state of the art mold testing and inspections in Illinois. Mold Test USA has been featured on CBS Show, global interview on “MSN” and “The Weather Channel”; speaking about our credibility, not only in Illinois but also everywhere else throughout the United States.

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Comprehensive Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Chicago, Illinois

We have the expertise, latest tools, modern technology, professional approach, certified mold testing inspectors and years of experience to deliver the most promising results effortlessly. If you plan to buy or rent a new property in Chicago or if you suspect the presence of mold on your premises, call Mold Test USA to have professional inspectors meticulously inspect your property from top to bottom.

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Why to Choose Mold Test USA?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Mold Test USA in Chicago, Illinois to be your mold testing and inspection provider:

  • Mold Test USA has a comprehensive lineup of licensed vigorous inspectors who go through detailed training prior scrutinizing any property
  • Mold Test USA can inspect any property, be it a commercial or residential
  • For accurate assessment and interpretation of results, Mold Test USA collects mold samples and tests those sample by using modern tools and latest technology
  • Mold Test USA’s laboratories are synchronize and are equipped with expert technicians and high tech equipment
  • Mold Test USA is the sole company providing the services of microbiologists and biologists to analyze the mold samples and results
  • Mold Test USA is not a mold remediation company so you can rest assure with the results delivered since Mold Test USA does not benefit from the presence of mold presence in your home
  • Mold Test USA is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating that contributes significantly to our value added mold testing & inspection services
  • Mold Test USA is the largest and the premium service providers
  • Mold Test USA is just a single phone call away

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