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Iowa Mold Testing and InspectionsMold in your Iowa home may pose a bigger threat than you are ready for. There are serious health issues related to mold exposure. Outside of the normal everyday things that you hear about when it comes to the health effects of mold (asthma, sinus issues, upper respiratory problems, skin infections, burning eyes, headaches, fatigue, and depression), there are other health issues related to mold exposure that are not quite as popular, such as mold growing in your lungs, and pulmonary fibrosis, in some circles, this is believed to be directly related to Stachybotrys, more commonly known as black mold.

Whether you live in Iowa or anywhere else on the planet. If you think you have black mold exposure, or you’re concerned about your child’s health due to mold related symptoms, it is important to take action right away. The longer your Iowa home suffers from mold exposure, the more intense your mold symptoms could become. Again, take charge call a professional mold testing or mold remediation company right away.


If you are concerned about mold exposure, and you just have questions, or if you would like to speak with a mold specialist regarding availability in your area Call Mold Test USA Today at 1-877-701-2606!


What should I look for when choosing a professional mold testing company in Iowa?


If you are living in Iowa, and you need a professional mold testing company, always look for a company that is credible. Legitimate companies should have the proper certifications, insurance, etc. Because there are no laws(that we know of) that protects you from a mold testing company, and a mold remediation company being one and the same, you should never allow your mold testing company to perform mold removal. Just as you should never allow your mold removal or mold mitigation company to do your mold testing. There are a lot of companies in Iowa that will come in and say; “oh yeah, that’s definitely mold you’re definitely going to need a mold mitigation” they say this without even testing to see if what they are looking at is actually mold. The only way to truly know if the mold that you see is dangerous is to have mold testing performed. Keep in mind that not all mold spores are dangerous. Mushrooms that you buy from the grocery store are a type of fungus. Penicillium mold is used to make the drug penicillin. So again, they’re not all bad for you. That is why it’s important to test first. If you are able to find a company in Iowa like Mold Test USA your mold testing company will act as your inspector. Mold Test USA requires each job to be cleared before your Iowa homeowner will receive a clean bill of health. What this means to the mold remediation company is, they will not get paid the final amount owed until they meet our company’s requirements, and standard for clean-air quality.

If you have any questions or to see if Mold Test USA is available in your area, call and speak with a mold specialist at 1-877-701-2606.


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