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Kentucky Mold Testing and InspectionsPeople ask all the time if they should purchase a mold test kit for their Kentucky home. What most people are referring to when they speak of a mold test kit is one of the petri dishes that they sell at the local hardware store. If you are considering purchasing a mold test kit from the local hardware store don’t waste your money. Let me explain how the petri dish works. It is our opinion that Kentucky should outlaw the petri dish altogether. The reason why is this mold floats around both inside and outside of every home on the planet. The question is, what kind of mold is present, and is it elevated beyond the outside air? The petri dish can only tell you what kind of mold is present in your Kentucky home. The problem is, it doesn’t give you any answers. It is designed to grow something so that you freak out and send it off to the laboratory for analysis. More money! More money! More money!


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Take the time to compare everything before you go to the hardware store and purchase a mold test kit for your Kentucky home. you should know that by the time you buy the Petri dish, allow time for the mold that is in your house naturally to grow, and mail it to the laboratory, just to find out what type of mold it is, you could most likely pay for a Mold Inspector to come. The advantage to having a professional mold inspector come out is like day and night. A professional mold inspection company like Mold Test USA can come out and do the mold testing and have your professional mold test results the very next day. Our mold inspector will come out to your Kentucky home with a professional mold test kit. He or she will test the air, or do direct ID mold samples (if needed) and compare the indoor results to the outside air that we normally breathe.

To simplify everything don’t waste your time or your money on a temporary mold test kit. You will end up spending around the same amount of money to have a professional mold test. If you have any concern of a mold issue in your Kentucky home. Do not delay. Get a mold test done right away. Your family’s health could be at stake.


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