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Louisiana Mold Testing and InspectionsWe all know that hurricane Katrina, packed a heavy punch on Louisiana. The effects were absolutely devastating. We at Mold Test USA get a lot of calls from Louisiana now that the mold has settled in. People are suffering and asking every day about mold sickness testing. If you live in Louisiana. You should definitely have mold testing done in your home or commercial place of business. If you are getting sick is important to find out what type of mold is causing your mold sickness.

The people in Louisiana are calling us on a regular basis asking us if they have black mold. The reason they are asking us about black mold is because the media put so much emphasis on black mold. In all actuality mold comes in various colors such as, black, green, red, Brown, and even white. Usually when the media is describing black mold as being the most dangerous. They are actually referring to the most dangerous organism that we know of called Stachybotrys.

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What is the difference between black mold and toxic mold?

There really isn’t much difference between black mold and toxic mold. Black mold is simply black. But again, the media refers to black mold as a nickname for Stachybotrys. This is really the most dangerous mold spore that we know of. Stachybotrys like a very wet environment. It is a very sticky mold spore. Therefore, it is very rare for it to show up in an air sample. Stachybotrys usually likes to hide, so it can be hard to find. From time to time that is why it is important to have a professional mold inspector do your mold testing. There are several mold spores that carry mycotoxins, This is why people referred to mold as being toxic mold. Keep in mind, however, there are a lot of mold spores that are actually good for you. Penicillium is used to make the drug penicillin. You can pick a tasty fungus from your favorite grocery store. That’s right. Mushrooms are actually a fungus. So again, not all mold spores are bad for you.

Black Mold Testing in New Orleans LA

There is a very large demand for black mold testing and Louisiana. Although Louisiana is not completely underwater anymore, there is no possible way that all the homes and businesses in Louisiana were dried out properly. The problem with this is when wood gets wet inside the wall, it stays wet for a long time. There is no air circulation inside the wall of a home or business. The best thing to do,  if you are concerned about mold exposure is have black mold testing performed by a professional mold testing company. You have any questions on how to choose a good mold testing or mold inspection company in Louisiana.

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