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Maine Mold Testing and inspectionsWe can answer this question pretty easily answered. There are very harsh winters and Maine. So homes tend to take quite a beating. Condensation is also an uphill battle mostly frowned around windows or window seals. The reason for this is when cold air meets warm air condensation forms. So that is always quite a struggle. So the answer to this question, of course, is yes. You should have a mold test done any time you’re concerned about a home having mold. The bigger question is, do you have the right to test your apartment being that it is most likely a rental property.

I can say that we at Mold Test USA have done mold testing in many rental properties and we have never had a problem with being able to test. You should always check your local laws or Maine state law just to be sure. Here is my take on the situation. If you are renting a property and your family is breathing the air inside that property, you should have the right to do a mold test and see if it is a problem. Again we haven’t run into any issues thus far.

If you are suspecting mold in your rental property in Maine call Mold Test USA. We can help. If nothing else, we have a specialist that can help point you in the right direction.

The biggest issue with apartments in Maine, and pretty much everywhere else, is that the maintenance man is usually the one that is called to fix a mold issue. Apartment complex maintenance guys in Maine are usually really good at fixing some things. A mold issue is definitely not one of them. Most maintenance guys are not certified in mold and really don’t know anything about it. What a maintenance guy will typically do is wipe down what he suspects to be mold and put bleach on it. In an effort to kill it, which will not work. What makes matters even worse when you wipe a mold colony down, yes, it disappears, but it goes out into the air and now everyone is breathing it.

A mold colony consists of millions of mold spores, piled on top of each other. That is the only way that you can actually see mold with the naked eye. So back to maintenance man 101. Mistake number one he wipes down the mold colony spreading that into the air, so that everyone can breathe it. Mistake number two, he puts bleach on the mold colony in hopes of killing the mold. And don’t forget, mistake number three which is painting over the mold and hoping to never see it again. It usually grows back within a short period of time.


If you wish to learn more about mold testing in your rental property in Maine, please call Mold Test USA 1-877-701-2606


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