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Maryland Mold Testing and InspectionsWe all know that Maryland is a wonderful place to live, but if your home is suffering from toxic mold exposure, it can be a complete disaster. So a couple of questions come to mind. First, how do you know if you are suffering from toxic mold exposure and how bad can toxic mold exposure get?

Of course the best way to know if you are suffering from toxic mold exposure is to have a mold inspection performed in your house or commercial place of business. But there are quite a bit of mold symptoms that would lead one to believe that they are suffering from toxic mold exposure in their Maryland home. Some toxic mold exposure, symptoms may include asthma, upper respiratory issues, sinus problems running nose, burning eyes, skin irritations such as rashes. The list really goes on and on. I tell most of my customers, it’s easier for you to tell me what your symptoms are then for me to list all the symptoms that exist.

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The answer to the second question, how bad can “mold get?” is a bit more tricky. Scary would be a better word. I usually don’t like to talk about how bad it can get. I would much rather discuss what we can do to help. So many things come into play, such as how much toxic mold exposure or how long was a person exposed. But I guess the right thing would to do would be to stop beating around the bush. There are less than a handful of death cases centered around mold. Now this is rare. And again, a lot of things come into play, such as how much mold exposure and let’s don’t forget what kind of mold exposure? There are much more cases of upper respiratory problems, headaches, etc. These symptoms tend to go away when leaving the mold infested home or commercial business.

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Why does my home have a musty odor?

If you are smelling and odor in your Maryland home that smells musty like an old basement, you are most likely smelling mold. The only way to tell for sure, of course, is to have mold testing done. The questions that would need to be answered would be what kind of mold is it? Is it a toxic mold? How much is there? These are all questions that can be answered with a good thorough mold inspection. They told me when I first became a mold Inspector that our nose is one of the biggest tools we have. This turned out to be true. If I were to walk into a room and smell a musty odor I would certainly suggest testing that room right away.Again, if you smell a musty odor in your Maryland home. The best thing to do is hire a professional mold company.

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