Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Mold Testing and InspectionsIt is our opinion that the best way to treat black mold symptoms in Massachusetts is to have the black mold tested and removed. You may ask yourself if I plan on having a mold removal performed, what is the point of having the mold tested?

The best answer I can give you is black mold is not an actual species of mold. When the media speaks of black mold what they are referring to is Stachybotrys, the most dangerous mold spore that we know of. Some of the most common black mold symptoms are flulike symptoms, headaches, upper respiratory issues and much more. In fact, some believe that Stachybotrys could lead to pulmonary fibrosis. So there are several reasons to test for mold before having a mold remediation done. One good reason is that not all mold spores are dangerous, so why would you pay someone top dollar for a high risk remediation when the mold is not even dangerous to your health.

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If you are having any black mold symptoms, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician. This is another reason that you should have mold testing done first. You can take the results from your position because what we do is narrow down the hundred thousand different types of mold spores to exactly what you have in your Massachusetts home. This way your doctor is able to tell what he is up against, and this may help him when it comes to treating the black mold symptoms that you have.

We see mold so much, and we hear all the stories. This is why we firmly believe that whether you live in Massachusetts or any other home in the country you should have your home tested. A good mold inspection could potentially save you from spending a lot of money and time at the doctor’s office.

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