Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Michigan

Michigan Mold Testing and InspectionsIf you are renting a home in Michigan who should pay for the mold testing?  You or the landlord? From what I understand, Michigan plays by a different set of rules when it comes to landlord-tenant situations. It may be a good idea to consult an attorney on that matter, or read the landlord-tenant act for the state of Michigan. No matter what. Whether Michigan plays by its own set of rules are not you, as the tenant should always pay for the mold testing. The reason for this is it will put you in total control of the results. That is unless of course your landlord is willing to share the results with you.

We have found throughout the years that most landlords will not pay for testing. They always leave it up to the tenant. In most cases it is easier to get rid of you than it is to get rid of the mold. It is a whole lot cheaper as well. If you do decide to pay for mold testing and you are in control of the results, you can always take them to your doctor or your lawyer. Mold test results are scientific proof of the existence of mold spores in your Michigan home. Believe it or not, even as a mold Inspector if you were to show me a picture of mold, I can easily look at you and say that looks like dirt to me.

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When should I get a mold test done?

A mold test should be done before you even move your family into a new house. In truth, it is never too soon for a mold inspection or mold testing. If you are feeling sick or suffering from upper respiratory, or sinus problems, you may want to expedite the mold testing. Especially if you have small children, an elderly person, or an immune deficient person living in your Michigan home this constitutes an emergency. You should have testing done right away. When it comes to this type of urgent situation call Mold Test USA, a mold testing and mold inspection company.

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Should I call a remediation company?

The first step is to call a service provider that strictly provides mold testing and mold inspection.  You should not call a remediation company right away. It is important to know first if you do or do not have the presence of mold on your property. A remediation company strictly removes molds from properties. Not only that, but if you are to go straight to a remediation service provider before getting mold testing and inspection, there is a high possibility that you may have to pay a large sum to then find out that there was never mold!

Mold Test USA is your go to mold testing and inspection service provider! With our team of microbiologists and our team of licensed mold assessors working together, Mold Test USA can tell you exactly what you need to know. Which is whether or not you have mold on your property. Once you are told that you have mold on your property, you are onto your next step! You can then take the information provided by your mold testing and inspection service provider and get connected with your remediation service provider.

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