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Health Safety from Mold in Your Environment

If you have had water damage, water leaks or condensation on your walls, and were not treated, removed or replaced, then you have provided the ideal environment for mold to grow inside of your home. Mold growth is encouraged by humid and warm conditions. Mold in your environment can have an affect on your everyday life. People can live with mold growing in their homes and not be aware of it. This is possible when you are not aware of any possible leaks in hard to reach areas.

When mold growth is left untreated, mold can begin disrupting your everyday life. Mold exposure can cause certain symptoms such as skin irritation, stuffiness, fatigue, and eye irritation. These symptoms can also be seen in the healthiest of people when they have been exposed to mold. There are also severe mold reactions that include shortness of breath, fever and upper respiratory infections. It is important that if your health is compromised that you call a mold testing and inspection company to inspect your home thoroughly and allow for all of your questions to be answered.

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Why is the Remediation Company not Inspecting and Sending Samples to a Lab

When you suspect mold presence on your properties, you must be 100% sure that you do or do not have mold to receive remediation services. Unfortunately, there are remediation companies that promote inspection services. An important factor to take note is to see if the remediation company that promotes inspection services has a team of trusted biologists and microbiologists. Chances are, they do not. It is easy to say that a remediation company will inspect. For all we know, inspecting in their terms may mean to take a quick glance around. For this reason, you must rely on a trusted mold testing and inspection service provider company. A company that does not offer remediation services because they do not benefit from the presence of mold. Receive comfort when a trusted mold testing and inspection service provider arrives at your home to thoroughly inspect every inch of your home and collects samples that are then sent to their biologists and microbiologists. Once you know 100% whether or not you have mold, you will then be able to make the call whether or not you need remediation services.

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Licensed Mold Testing & Inspection Services

Mold Test USA has a BBB Accreditation with an A+ rating. Since the company’s commencement in March 2009. We have provided numerous households and businesses in the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and various other cities located in Michigan by incorporating the best in class and contemporary mold testing & inspection methods.

When it comes to mold testing & inspection Mold Test USA is the perfect mold testing and inspection service provider you can trust. At any point of time, if you suspect the presence of mold on your premises, whether it be a commercial or residential property, the best action you can take is to schedule a mold testing & inspection with Mold Test USA. Mold Test USA’s comprehensive team of licensed inspectors are proficient when analyzing the entire condition of the property thoroughly. Mold Test USA is known to complete tasks proficiently with the help of our adept expertise and the ability to explore everything extensively.

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The Best in Class Tools & Professional Approach

Mold Test USA in Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo or any other city in Michigan is the largest mold testing & inspection service providers you can plan on to take up services from. Mold Test USA is sure to always incorporate the latest technology and high tech tools to test samples. Moreover, Mold Test USA is a sole company that encompasses the professionalism of authorized and licensed biologists and microbiologists to analyze and interpret the results of samples collected.

It is always recommended to not to rush for remediation services. Mold Test USA is your trusted mold experts when receiving mold testing and inspection services. Call your trusted mold experts to schedule your appointment with an assessor. Our Mold Test USA mold assessor will do a complete walk-though of your home or business while answering your questions and walking through the process with you. Mold samples will be collected by our certified inspectors and sent out to our licensed biologists and microbiologists in our authorized laboratories. Where they test and analyze samples prior to delivering prompt unbiased results. Mold Test USA focuses on using professional approach throughout the mold testing and inspection process. Remember, Mold Test USA is not a mold remediation company. Mold Test USA does not offer remediation services. Thus we do not benefit from whether there is not mold in your home.

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