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How Will Air Quality Sampling Benefit My Home?

Minnesota Mold Testing and InspectionsOne common question that Minnesota homeowners ask us is; will air quality sampling benefit my home? Not only will air quality sampling benefit your home, it can also benefit your health. Air quality sampling for mold or background debris such as skin fragments, pet dander, plant fiber etc. can be very helpful in determining health issues. Now obviously we are a mold testing company, but if you hire Mold Test USA to do your mold sampling we would be able to test your background debris as well.

We find that a lot of times doctors will request air sampling especially if you suffer from allergies sinus problems etc. This will help your doctor determine the source of the illness. On a side note you may want to be proactive when it comes to air quality sampling in your Minnesota home. The reason for this is, a lot of times doctors in Minnesota tend to treat the illness with different medications in such. A good Minnesota Dr. will look for the source.

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How does air quality sampling work?

When we perform air quality sampling in your Minnesota home, our mold inspectors have the latest tools for air quality sampling. The way air quality sampling works is, we have a little pump that looks like an air compressor except that it pulls air versus pushing air. It pulls air at a specified liters of air per minute. The pump house of long hose attached to it acts like an air compressor would. At the end of that hose there is a small cassette attached. That cassette has a microscope slide inside with a sticky adhesive on it. As the air flows in and around that microscope slide all of the air in your Minnesota home sticks to that slide.

Once the air quality sampling is complete, your mold inspector will send the whole cassette to a mold testing laboratory. Once your cassette reaches the mold testing laboratory the cassette is opened up and the microscope slide is removed. The microscope slide is then analyzed underneath a microscope and from there the microbiologist or biologist is able to determine exactly what is floating around the air in your Minnesota home.

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