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Should I Buy a Black Mold Testing Kit To Do A Mold Test In My Home?

Missouri Mold Testing and InspectionsBefore you decide to purchase a black mold testing kit to do a mold test in your Missouri home, there are some things you need to know. First the only black mold testing kit that I am aware of that you can buy over-the-counter at your local hardware store is a Petri dish. A Petri dish is a little dish that is designed to grow whatever mold spores fall into the dish. Those little Petri dishes are almost guaranteed to grow something. The reason why is because mold floats around both inside and outside of every home on the planet. So in essence we already know there is mold in the house. These little Petri dishes are designed to grow that mold. In my opinion it’s like putting bait fishing hook. Petri dishes are designed for you to visually see mold growing, so that you will not have a problem putting that dish in the mail and send it off to a mold testing lab.

By the time you finish paying for a Petri dish to grow mold in your Missouri home or place of business you could have hired a professional mold testing company to come in and get accurate testing. The one thing that the Petri dish cannot do is tell you whether the mold is elevated beyond the outside air. It will tell you what kind of mold is floats around and whether that mold spore is dangerous or not. But that is it. We have already established that mold floats around in everyone’s home. For instance, Penicillium/ Aspergillus is the most common mold spore that we know of. Penicillium is used to make the drug penicillin. So it is not necessarily a bad mold, but if it is elevated it can cause all kind of health related problems.

A Petri dish cannot tell you if the mold that is floating around in your Missouri home is elevated. If you have any further questions about black mold testing kits or if you would like to find out how much it would cost to have a professional mold inspection performed call Mold Test USA 1-877-701-2606.

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What Is The Difference Between Mold Testing And Mold Inspections

There really is no major difference between mold testing and mold inspections. Sometimes people in Missouri hire us to do mold testing in their commercial building or place of business. They would prefer us to go in as discreet as possible. So in that case we would just go in and do our mold testing only. At Mold Test USA we do a 52 point mold inspection. What that means is, there are 52 points throughout your Missouri home that we checked thoroughly for mold exposure. We check places you haven’t necessarily thought of like where the toilet meets the floor, or the exhaust fan in the bathroom. Is it operating properly? We will go underneath your house, if you have a crawlspace we go in it.

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Mold Inspection in St. Louis, MO

At Mold Test USA we provide commercial and residential mold testing and inspection throughout St. Louis and other areas of Missouri.

According to the EPA, mold can come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Moisture
  • Water Problems or Water Leaking
  • Indoor Humidity
  • Decreased Ventilation
  • Condensation From windows, pipes, roofs and floors

Home to the iconic Gateway Arch, St Louis, MO is surely a city in the Midwest that is hard not to miss. Located along the Mississippi River, approximately 317,419 people and counting reside here.

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