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Is Your Tenant Telling You That Your Home Has Black Mold?

Nevada Mold Testing and InspectionsAre you a landlord with your tenant reporting that you have mold in your Nevada home? If your tenant is reporting a mold issue, it is important to handle the issue in the proper way. A lot of times homeowners that are renting out their home to a tenant that is claiming a black mold problem would rather get rid of their tenant instead of fix their home. Don’t fall in line with the rest of the naysayers when it comes to black mold causing problems in people’s health. Trust me there are people in Nevada and all around the country that are suffering from black mold exposure.


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A lot of times landlords tend to send their maintenance person over to check out the situation, when a tenant reports mold in the home. The maintenance man will then go over and wipe down the mold colony This spreads the mold spores in the air. Now everyone is breathing it in and the situation gets worse. At that point the maintenance man will spray the infected area down with bleach. This does not work. Bleach never reaches the black mold roots. Then the maintenance person paints over the infected area, and the mold returns in a short time.

When it comes to mold in your rental property it is always best to let mold professionals handle the situation. You may also try to get your maintenance man mold certified so that he doesn’t take a chance on cross contaminating your entire Nevada home.

Being a landlord can be tough as you already know. When a tenant reports a mold issue in your Nevada rental property, usually it is best to be proactive and handle the situation immediately to protect yourself from legal ramifications. When you hire Mold Test USA we work for you and we do not discuss the situation with your tenant. We vow to represent you through the entire process.

If it is determined that black mold is present in your home, what is the next step?

If you hire Mold Test USA to represent you we act as your consultant. We only do mold testing and inspections. We do not do mold removal or mold remediation. Even though it may not be the law and Nevada we feel it is a conflict of interest to do both mold testing and mold remediation. The good news is, when the remediation company is finished with the remediation and clean-air is restored in your Nevada home we will issue you a clean bill of health. So in essence the remediation company is committed to the job until they have received clearance from us. If you have a tenant complaining of black mold let Mold Test USA stand in your corner.

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San Diego Mold TestingMold Test USA is one of the proficient mold testing & inspection service providers located in Las Vegas, NV since March 2009. Our trustworthy services have made us thrive prosperously. We are known for facilitating people with the best in class services at affordable and comparatively low prices that others in the industry offer.

Our team of exceptionally trained and certified mold testing & inspection inspectors are well aware if indoor mold left unchecked, it may result in total damage of the structure of any property. It may further lead to ruin drywall and wood rot. Above all, your family might get infected with various health problems too.

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So, it is always worth taking up skilled and professional mold testing & inspection services in Las Vegas and other cities located in Nevada before it is too late. At Mold Test USA, our team of professional microbiologists and biologists specialize in delivering optimum results with the help of our latest tools of technology and contemporary equipment & expertise.

What Makes Mold Test USA Exclusive in Las Vegas, NV?

  • Our team of licensed mold testing inspectors.
  • Our expertise that we have managed to accumulate since the company’s beginning in March 2009.
  • Our promptness of delivering the most précised results on timely manner.
  • Our use of modern equipment and avant-garde technology.
  • The use of authorized microbiologists and biologists for accurate assessment of the presence of mold.
  • Our proficiency and trustworthiness of delivering result oriented solutions.
  • The exclusive blend of our professional approach, expertise, quality and reliability.

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