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Are you suffering from Toxic Mold And Black Mold In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey Mold Testing and InspectionsIn the aftermath of hurricane Sandy New Jersey is suffering from toxic mold and black mold exposure. Any time a home get saturated with water, it is very tough to dry it out completely. The problem is when the home gets wet it tends to stay wet for a long time. For instance when the wooden studs inside the walls get wet, there is no circulation of air to dry it out. Therefore the wood stays wet for a long time. Any time there is moisture and the proper food source such as, drywall, wood, carpet, fabric, upholstery etc. mixed with oxygen (which is unstoppable), you have a breeding ground for toxic mold and black mold. Not only do the homes in New Jersey suffer, but the people in New Jersey suffer. Mold can and will get you sick.

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Is Toxic Mold And Black Mold In New Jersey Getting People Sick

More people in New Jersey are getting sick than you might think. Toxic mold and black mold are nothing to play with. Black mold symptoms might include blue sickness, headaches, asthma, upper respiratory issues, skin rashes, and they can even lead to other more serious issues such as pulmonary fibrosis. When the media speaks of black mold they are actually talking about Stachybotrys, which is the most dangerous mold spore that we know of. Toxic mold is just that, toxic. Water damage indicators such as Stachybotrys produce mycotoxins.

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There are over 100,000 different types of mold in existence and they are not all dangerous to humans. There are only a little over a handful of mold spores that we know of that get people sick. But you don’t have to be suffering from toxic mold and black mold in New Jersey to be sick from mold allergies. So I guess what I’m trying to say is mold spores don’t have to carry mycotoxins in order for you to have an allergic reaction. Everyone’s immune system works differently. A lot of times you may be the only one in a house that’s getting sick. Everyone else seems to be fine. It happens all the time. So if you are suffering from mold allergies there may be more to those allergies and you may have anticipated.

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