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If You Are Buying Or Selling A Home In New Mexico, You Need A Mold Inspection

New mexico Mold Testing and InspectionsIf you are buying or selling a home in New Mexico, a mold inspection should be part of the process. Many times throughout the years at Mold Test USA we have encountered situations where people were selling a house, and did not disclose the fact that they had mold. What’s even worse than that is when someone feels that they are purchasing their dream home in New Mexico and it turns out to be a horror movie. Usually it is mandatory in the buy and sell process for the home to have a complete home inspection. What people don’t realize is that most of the time home inspectors are not looking for mold. Very few home inspectors are actually mold certified. A home inspection and a mold inspection are quite different. If you are buying a New Mexico home you should demand a mold inspection complete with mold testing that is sent to the lab for mold analysis. Demand a mold report.


If you need a professional mold inspection call on your friends at Mold Test USA, your mold experts!

Get a 52 Point Mold Inspection

At Mold Test USA we perform a 52 point mold inspection in your New Mexico home or place of business. A mold inspection and a home inspection are different in the sense that with a mold inspection, we are looking for things conducive to mold growth like dripping faucets. Or leaking toilets etc. with a home inspection it is important to make sure the home is up to fire code (the lights are working properly the foundation is intact etc).

Our 52 point inspection starts on the outside of the New Mexico home. We work or way inside looking for anything that could be conducive to mold growth. We want people to realize that buying a house is the largest investment we will make. It is a dream for people to own their own New Mexico home. Don’t let your real estate buying or selling become a nightmare.


For a detailed mold inspection in your business or home, call Mold Test USA today!

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