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Authorized Mold Testing & Inspection Services

May you be in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or any other city in New Mexico, Mold Test USA will always be your perfect service partners, specifically when it comes to mold testing & inspection. At any point of time, you suspect the presence of mold on your premises, be it commercial or residential, the best action you can take up is scheduling of a mold testing & inspection.

Mold Test USA is always recommended because of its BBB Accreditation with A+ rating. Since the company’s commencement in March 2009, we have provided numerous people in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and various other cities located in New Mexico by incorporating the best in class and contemporary mold testing & inspection methods.

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Our comprehensive team of licensed inspectors are proficient to analyze the condition of the property thoroughly. We are known to complete the task proficiently with the help of our adept expertise and the ability to explore everything extensively. Remember, we are not a mold remediation company.

It is always recommended not to rush for remediation services. Instead, wait for laboratory results. The samples taken up by our certified inspectors, at Mold Test USA, are sent only to the authorized laboratories so as to get the most précised results. We focus on using professional approach throughout the process.

Professional Approach & The Best In Class Equipment

Mold Test USA in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and various other cities located in New Mexico is the largest mold testing & inspection service providers you can plan on to take up services from. We always incorporate the latest technology and high tech tools to collect the samples. Moreover, we are a sole company that encompasses the professionalism of authorized biologists and microbiologists to interpret and analyze the results of samples.

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