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How Can I Tell if I Have Mold In My Crawlspace?

North Carolina Mold Testing and InspectionsIf your North Carolina crawlspace has mold, it would not be alone. Many North Carolina homes have mold in their crawlspace. When we as inspectors at Mold Test USA get a call where a customer suspects mold in their crawlspace, we are trained to crawl the entire area. The reason why is because you can stick your head in the door of the crawlspace and shine a flashlight under the house, and everything looked great. What you don’t know is that there is a hidden Lake at the other side of the house. Keep in mind mold only needs three things to live; oxygen, a food source, and moisture. It doesn’t have to be wet only moist. So when you have that kind of moisture or water under the house you are asking for a mold problem. It is always good idea to have a vapor barrier.


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A vapor barrier is a thick piece of plastic that sits on top of the ground. The purpose of this plastic is to hold down the moisture coming from the ground and trap it underneath the vapor barrier. This will keep moisture from circulating underneath your home causing the wood and other materials to get wet. When the moisture hits the wood (which is a food source for mold) the only other ingredient that it needs is oxygen which is obvious. When these three elements come together mold will start to grow. North Carolina is known to have a lot of crawlspaces. North Carolina is also known to have battered vapor barriers.

If the vapor barrier is battered it totally defeats the purpose of having one. Moisture is able to escape and connect with the other ingredients it needs in order for mold to grow. One last note if you have mold in the crawlspace you will most likely have mold inside of your home. 40% of the air that you breathe inside of your North Carolina home comes from the crawlspace. The next question is what kind of mold is present? And how much is there?


If you are concerned about your North Carolina home having elevated mold conditions call Mold Test USA to set an appointment.


One thing about Mold Test USA. We only do testing and inspections. We do not remove or remediate. If you are a homeowner and you are suspecting a problem underneath your North Carolina home, let us give you a non-biased opinion. Be forewarned there are a lot of companies in North Carolina that do both testing and remediation. This is a total conflict of interest. Call a removal company out first, and you are almost guaranteed to have a mold problem that will need to be resolved by them of course!

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