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Should I Have Mold Testing Or A Mold Inspection In My North Dakota Home

North Dakota Mold Testing and InspectionsToo many people in North Dakota are underestimating the danger of mold. It’s time for North Dakota to understand just how serious mold exposure can be. Mold causes more problems than people give it credit for. Mold believe it or not can be the prime ingredient in asthma. Not only that but you can also chalk it up to be the culprit behind upper respiratory issues, sinus problems, headaches, skin irritations, burning eyes, runny nose, and many other problems.

A lot of times people take these issues to their physician and the Dr., not knowing where the problem is coming from, will send you home with an antibiotic. This will seem to work temporarily. However, we find through talking to people over the years that their issues continue to come back.

Sometimes leaving your North Dakota home for the day will give you temporary relief. We find that if you have mold testing done in your North Dakota home, you will be able to get a better diagnosis from your doctor. The reason for this is, we as mold inspectors are able to tell exactly what kind of mold you have, whether it’s elevated, and what kind of health issues are related to that particular mold spore. At that point you can take your mold test results to your Dr. and ask them if this particular mold spore could be causing these mold related health symptoms. If you suspect mold in your home call on the professionals at Mold Test USA to give you answers.


If you have questions of any kind call our mold specialist for answers. Mold Test USA has help standing by. Call 1-877-701-2606


Why Choose Mold Test USA

That is the question we love to answer! At Mold Test USA we only do testing and inspections. We do not do remediation. This will give you the most accurate non-biased results you can find. We are not interested in tearing mold out of your North Dakota home. We earn our living through mold testing and inspections.

We also act as your private consultant. If you do have a mold issue in need of remediation we hold the remediation company accountable for the work they do. We are inspectors, therefore when we are on your side the remediation company is then working to make sure they pass our post-testing inspection. Once the inspection is complete and passed we will issue you a clean bill of health.

You can trust Mold Test USA for all of your North Dakota testing needs call 1-877-701-2606

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