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Is There a Spray That I Can Use To Kill Mold In My Home?

Oregon Mold Testing and InspectionsUnfortunately the people of Oregon have been misled just like the rest of the country. When it comes to mold the EPA suggested putting bleach on it in order to kill it. Just recently I believe the EPA has changed their point of view on mold when it comes to bleach. It’s always been an old wives tale to rid your Oregon home of mold easily by spraying it. There are several antimicrobial or anti fungal sprays in your local hardware store that claim to kill mold. There has been a lot of controversy in the mold industry with both mold testing and mold remediation companies as well.

Over the past several years it has been my mission, and our company’s mission to understand and get to the bottom of the situation. Here’s the conclusion we came up with. If mold were on a surface such as glass like a microscope slide, bleach may kill it. The problem is when it’s on a surface such as drywall, or wood there are many spores on this type of material. Mold is completely microscopic so the roots bury their self in these microscopic pores. Therefore when you spray bleach or any other spray it never reaches the actual spores or spore roots.

No matter how much dwell time (time that bleach or spray is allowed to soak) it never reaches the spores. So I guess in short it would be good to say that, in the business when it comes to spraying your Oregon home to relieve it of mold contamination well we call it “spray and pray”. Do not take a chance on cross contaminating your entire Organ home. Your family’s health could also be at stake.

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Many people in the mold industry, both at mold testing and mold remediation throughout the Oregon area have a certain product that they believe it. There are products that we have that you cannot get your hands on. As a professional in the industry I have experimented with several different products. Some of these products mold remediation companies claim is a gift from the mold gods. However, through my experience I have not seen any product that really works. So I would not recommend buying a spray at your local hardware store, or using bleach at all in your Oregon home.

Don’t Take A Chance

If you see mold or microbial growth of some sort in your Oregon home, you are looking at millions of mold spores piled on top of each other. This is known as a mold colony. The way this works is, when mold finds the three things it needs in order to live (oxygen, moisture, and a food source such as drywall, carpet, fabric, paint etc…)

It starts to congregate in that area and form what is known as a mold colony. Do not wipe it down. If you do you, release that colony into the air and everyone is breathing it. The only way you can see mold with the naked eye is if it is gathered into a mold colony. So when you wipe it down it becomes microscopic again. Again if you see mold and you need to know what kind it is…


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