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Mold Test USA founders Greg Morgan and Curtis Barnes
Before Curtis Barnes and Greg Morgan were the experienced mold specialists they are today, they, too, lived with black mold in their home. The Mold Test USA founders’ use the expertise they acquired by confronting their own severe black mold problem to help their customers solve similar problems today.


We are the Mold Brothers and this is our story.   

If experience is the best teacher then Curtis Barnes and Greg Morgan’s expertise in the black mold business is unmatched. Not only has Mold Test USA been an industry leader since 2009, but Curtis and Greg also have firsthand experience living with black mold.

Curtis, his wife Maria, and Greg once lived in a high-rise apartment in Chicago, Illinois.  “Not long after we moved into our apartment we all began to feel ill and could not figure out why,” Greg explained.

“All three of us experienced different symptoms. We suffered from burning eyes, headaches, flu-like symptoms, allergies, nausea, and skin irritations. The symptoms were so bad, in fact, that Maria sought help from a doctor who treated her for the flu and prescribed antibiotics to address a secondary infection.

“No matter what treatments we pursued, our symptoms continued for months.  We didn’t understand why we were ill, and it seemed unbelievable to us that we couldn’t shake our symptoms. We struggled with chronic coughing and sneezing, eye, nose and throat irritation, chronic fatigue, persistent headaches and skin rashes until the day that we had to pull a mattress out of a closet to prepare for out-of-town guests.

“When we pulled that mattress out of the closet we finally discovered the source of our health problems. The mattress was hiding a roof leak above the closet, and black mold appeared to be growing in the moisture behind the mattress.

Curtis, Maria and I immediately reported the problem to the apartment’s office and they sent over a maintenance man.  What that maintenance man said to us that day has become our company joke.

“At that time, Curtis and I were managing a water damage company. Because water damage often creates mold, we knew some basic facts about it. This is why we knew to ask the maintenance man if what was growing in our closet was black mold, and if it so how he planned to get rid of it.

“I’m going to wipe it down with bleach and paint over it,” the maintenance man answered.

“Doesn’t that release mold spores in the air that can possibly make you sick?” we questioned.

“But he responded dismissively. ‘No, that’s false information you only find on the Internet.”

“Anyone in the mold business knows that bleach does not kill black mold, nor does it kill any other house mold roots. Industry experts also know that the absolute last thing you want to do is wipe off any mold you may find inside your home. Doing so will disturb the mold colony, releasing millions of mold spores into the air. Mold enters your body through inhalation as well as skin contact, so when you try to wipe away mold you create an environment where anyone inside your home is exposed to toxic mold spores and could be inhaling them into their body.

“Although we tried to work with the apartment management company, they did nothing to address our mold problem. We eventually broke our lease, lost our deposit and moved out of the building. The apartment management company unfortunately sued us for the balance of our lease.  Furthermore, our credit rating was damaged, making it very difficult for us to rent again.

“Now we know there are ways to prevent this negative outcome from happening. Because experience creates experts, we’ve since learned that the apartment complex’s refusal to adequately address the black mold qualified us to receive compensation for our moving expenses and doctor bills. It turns out we were also eligible to retain our security deposit, and our credit scores should not have been negatively affected.

“After a of couple weeks in our new home, Curtis, Maria and I fortunately recovered from our illnesses related to black mold expose. That’s when we realized other people may have also experienced health issues and problems as a result of black mold exposure, and so we launched Mold Test USA.

“Both Curtis and I learned from firsthand experience how stressful black mold, or any other type of household mold, can be. This is why we’ve created a company that is founded on empathy and concern for our customers.”

“We pay close attention to all the details of our company. We are selective when we hire employees, and ensure that all of our home inspectors are mold certified and pass an advanced mold inspection training class. We are proud that we work with all of our employees to guarantee they receive top-notch training. Our home inspectors will listen to your concerns, thoroughly inspect your home, and submit any discoveries we make to our company’s biologists and microbiologists to ensure an impartial review of your home.

“At Mold Test USA we educate and empower our customers to address their mold issues and related concerns. Our company’s thorough mold inspection, mold testing and mold consulting practices guarantee we always live up to our company’s motto, Changing the Way You Live.”

Thanks for reading our story. We look forward to being a part of yours. Call us anytime at 1-877-701-2606

Greg and Curtis

The Mold Brothers