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Specialized Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to mold infestation in residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, mold testing and inspection service will allow you to move towards being able to safeguard your home or business. Mold Test USA has been ranked A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Mold Test USA offers mold testing and mold inspection. Since 2009Mold Test USA has provided its clients with certified and licensed mold assessors to inspect homes with mold presence. Mold Test USA has a team of scientists that consist of biologist and microbiologists to test and analyze mold samples collected on your properties.


Work with a company you can trust. Call mold experts, Mold Test USA today!

Work with a Mold Testing and Inspection Company You Can Trust

When you seek to safeguard your property, you must call a company who you can trust along your mold testing and inspection services.  There are reasons for which you can rely on theMold Test USA for mold testing and mold inspection services. Mold Test USA is a prompt mold testing and inspection service provider. Let us share why you can trust our company, Mold Test USA:

  • Mold Test USA has a complete team with certified and licensed mold testing & inspection
  • Mold Test USA’s assessors go through strict testing prior to getting licensed with Mold Test USA
  • Mold Test USA’s exclusive mold testing company in Philadelphia, PA incorporates the expertise of professional biologists and microbiologists to thoroughly test the presence of mold in the samples collected from your premises
  • Mold Test USA is always backed with modern equipment and technology that helps Mold Test USA in delivering the most accurate and results
  • At Mold Test USA in Philadelphia, PA we are well known for unbiased results as we do not provide any type of remedial services and solutions

Allow the expertise of our professional biologists and microbiologists to provide you adequate mold testing and inspections services before you are to move into remediation. Call Mold Test USA today!

Mold Testing and Inspection Services in Philadelphia, PA

If you suspect mold in your home, you must not just to conclusion by calling a remedial service provider. You must be sure that what is on your property is or is not a mold presence. Call mold experts of Philadelphia, PA, Mold Test USA, to receive top of the line mold testing and inspection services at competitive prices. Mold Test USA’s mold testing and inspection process was made to provide our clients with a smooth transition process when our certified and licensed mold assessors meet you on your property to inspect and collect mold samples to be sent to Mold Test USA’s laboratories. We strive to offer you unbiased results brought to you by our team of biologists and microbiologists who test mold samples.

Call Mold Test USA, your mold experts today to receive certified mold inspection services!

Can Mold Grow Inside of My Home

Mold is a living organism that grows both indoors and outdoors. Moisture and oxygen are what mold needs to survive. A few causes of mold are humidity, leaking pipes, roof leaks, poor ventilation, condensation, damp basements and flooding. If mold grows in your home or not, all depends on whether or not you have a moisture problem. Mold cannot develop in a home unless the home has a moisture problem.

Mold Conditions for Growth

Mold cannot develop in a home unless the home has a moisture problem. For mold to grow, most molds require for their suitable materials to be wet for about 24 to 48 hours. Mold grows best when the temperature is warm. When the mold’s environment is not ideal, the mold does not dies. The mold would just stay dormant until the molds ideal warm environment becomes just right.

Philadelphia, PA, do not continue to welcome mold into your home. Call your mold experts, Mold Test USA today to receive mold testing and inspection services!