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Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Mold Testing and Inspections Rhode Island may be small but it is not off the radar when it comes to mold, or issues related to mold. Unfortunately mold is not something that you always see. Sometimes you can even find it. If you smell a musty odor usually that is a dead giveaway that mold is present.

The problem at this point is that it is difficult to find. Sometimes you may smell a musty odor in one room of your Rhode Island home, when the issue is actually in another room altogether. When we went through class, in order to become mold inspectors. We were taught that our nose is one of the biggest tools in detecting mold.

How is mold in my Rhode Island home detected?

There are several ways to detect mold in your Rhode Island home. If we can see the mold we can do what is called a direct ID or tape lift. In this form of testing we actually touch the mold colony, and send it off to the mold testing lab for analysis. The other way and the perhaps the most common way of testing is, air sampling.

The way this works is we have a little pump that looks like an air compressor. It pulls air versus pushing air. There’s a long hose attached to the pump. Next we attach a little cassette at the end of the hose. When we turn on the pump it pulls air through the cassette. Inside the cassette there is a microscope slide with a sticky adhesive on it. As the air flows in and around this microscope slide the mold spores stick to the slide. After we have completed the air sample we send it off to the mold testing lab for analysis.

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Do the home mold test kits work in my Rhode Island home?

The mold test kits that you find at your local hardware store do not stand up when it comes to testing your Rhode Island home for mold. In the industry we refer to those home mold test as Petri dishes. A Petri dish is a little dish much like a incubator, it’s almost guaranteed to grow mold.

There is mold in every house. It naturally floats around both inside and outside of every building on the planet. When the mold lands in the Petri dish it starts to grow. The Petri dish will hopefully scare you into sending it off to the lab and paying for analysis. The problem is although the lab will tell you what kind of mold is growing, it will not be able to tell you whether it is elevated.

Again, just because mold is present does not mean that it is at a dangerous level. If you want a thorough mold inspection in your home call a professional mold testing company. We prefer that you call Mold Test USA! In all seriousness though even if you choose not to hire us our mold specialist can help.

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