Columbia, SC

Mold Test and Mold Inspection in Columbia SC

Mold Inspection in Columbia SCColumbia SC is a beautiful city for people that enjoy staying out of those harsh, snowy spring and winters that loom over northern areas of the United States. Our moderate winters lead to a warm spring season and then to an almost unbearable hot and humid summer. Unknown to most, there is something else that thoroughly enjoys Columbia SC’s warm and humid climate….mold!

Mold is something that thrives on three things to grow and live: air, a food source, and moisture. Humidity in the air is a suitable form of moisture for mold to grow. Mold can fluently grow at humidity levels of 70% or higher. Columbia’s humidity percentage is on average higher than the nation’s percentage throughout the year. Columbia SC’s humidity can reach over 90% in the mornings. Thunderstorms are quite frequent in the afternoons during the summer, which raise the temperature and bring an abundance of moisture and humidity to the climate.  Add Columbia SC ’s high humidity, air, and any material together, and you get optimal conditions for mold to grow.

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A Common Place of Possible Mold Growth:

Mold Growth in Columbia SCCrawlspaces are likely areas for mold to unknowingly develop and flourish right under your feet. It’s an area of our home that we don’t go into very often, making it a prime location for undetectable issues, such as mold. Seventy percent of South Carolina’s homes have crawlspaces. More than likely you have a crawlspace yourself. Crawlspaces need a protective vapor barrier a good ventilation system to prevent water leaks and high moisture levels. The vapor barrier in your crawlspace could be defective or could be completely non-existent! This could lead to mold growth among other issues. Astonishingly, forty percent of the air you breathe in your home is from the crawlspace. So this means that you and your family could potentially be breathing in mold spores and unhealthy air if there are any problems in your crawlspace. This could in turn result in detrimental health effects for you, your family and even your pets! It is always a good idea to make sure your crawlspace is ventilated and protected properly.

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