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When most people think of being exposed to mold, they assume the mold is in their home or apartment. We don’t always think of all the other different places where mold can be hiding. Mold can be in your office building, the gym you go to, or even at your children’s school. Even if you don’t live in these type of environments constantly, mold exposure can still be detrimental to your health. In these situations it is sometimes harder to get the issue handled because you don’t own the building yourself.

Mold removal can also be expensive, so it is easier for companies to turn the other cheek. A college nearby to Spartanburg SC had a mold issue in its dormitories. There were multiple dorm halls with hundreds of students that had to be evacuated. Hall by hall, students were moved from their original dorm to another temporary location. There were no reports on whether or not the mold found was toxic, but students with asthma or immune deficiency diseases were contacted separately to make sure they were not feeling any symptoms related to mold exposure.  The mold was removed and cleaned up by a professional mold remediation company. This case is a perfect example of how unsuspecting mold can be.

When you send your kids off to college, the last thing you are thinking about is mold growing in their dorm rooms. It is also hard to distinguish mold exposure symptoms from other illnesses. The most common symptoms of mold exposure are chronic headaches, runny nose, watering eyes, coughing, dizziness and nausea. If you notice that your child or anyone else in your family is complaining of symptoms similar to these, you should get a mold inspection done right away. The mold inspection should always be done by a certified mold inspector. If there is no visible mold that can be seen, air testing is the thing to do. Air testing takes samples of the air and those are then analyzed to see if there are any mold spores in the air quality.

Commercial Mold Testing in Spartanburg, SC

If you happen to be a business, school, organization, or church in Spartanburg SC, Mold Test USA can still help you with your mold problems too. Mold Test USA specializes in commercial mold testing as well as residential. Mold Test USA will inspect the property no matter how large or how small. It is easier for leaks or other damages to go unnoticed in an office or school because there isn’t someone constantly living there. At the first sign of noticeable visible growth or even water damage you should get the property inspected right away. The longer you wait the worse the situation can get.


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