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Here are reviews of our company from satisfied customers off of Google and Home Advisor.

“This is an excellent company to deal with when it comes to mold inspection and testing. They are very knowledgeable about mold and answered all my questions. The price was very reasonable and provided a 52 inspection report. This company far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend and use them again.” – John C. (Google Review)

“They set up an appointment. Gave me some great info on mold and effects to my family. We made an appointment and the inspector showed up on time and was very courteous and concerned for our needs. He took a few samples and sent them to the lab. A couple days later we received a call explaining the molds we have. I would highly recommend anybody to test there property. We cleaned the area and re-tested . I know my family is safe thanks to Mold Test USA. I will use them again in the future for any concerns. The staff was great to work with.” – Dusty J. (Google Review)     medical marijuana Delaware

“We have been working with this company for years and we can always depend on them to deliver the work on time and accurately. They communicate with us to keep us updated on any changes or issues. We have built a lasting business relationship and we would recommend them to anyone.” – Complete Property-CPR (Google Review)

“Under extremely bad conditions they delivered all promised timely and professionally. I would highly recommend” – Richard S. (Google Review)

“If you are in the Austin area, Dan Yates is the one to call. He is punctual, friendly, will educate and, most importantly, eradicate your mold issue. We appreciate his methodical approach and non-toxic solutions. His equipment is hospital grade and his prices are fair.” – Kayci P. (Google Review)

“I was told by an exterminator that there was mold in the crawl space under the house. That was a problem in another house back in the day. I found Mold Test USA using google, spoke on the phone to a rep and made an appointment. They came, made a visual inspection, noted that there was likely leaf mold from the woods nearby; the tech set up her equipment and ran the sampler. They sent email with the report (I don’t remember how long it took). I spoke to an analyst about the results – low levels (safe) of various commonly found mold spores. No remediation was required. Happy homeowner.” – Steve R. (Google Review)

“I will always use Mold Test USA for all of my mold testing needs. I am in the mold remediation business and depend on them to do my testing. There always answer the phone and provide the results in a timely fashion.” – Michelle S. (Google Review)

“Best in this country!” – Winston M. (Google Review)

“The company did exactly what they said they would do and the results were back within the time frame they explained to me when I agreed to do business with them. I would recommend doing business with this company.” – Chuck M. (Google Review)

“My experience with Mold Test USA was nothing but the best with experts helping me to deal with Mold problems that I had. Mold Test was done promptly with a very detail results that were explained to me by a Result analyst. I was very happy with the service.” – Joe B. (Google Review)


“The technician for Mold Test USA courteous and efficient in his work. He was very professional. The results came back quickly and the microbiologist was informative. there was a mix-up receiving the written report but Mold Test USA rectified the problem quickly.” – David M. (Home Advisor)

“Mold Test USA did an EXCELLENT job based on what we wanted– they screened the house we are buying for $250k for mold/moisture which had had significant water damage several years before. They responded in a timely manner, they seemed to have been very thorough, the inspector Brian Whitley was polite and courteous to the current owners (they even commented on it to me: “You hire good people!”), and their report was detailed, easy to read and comprehend, and prompt via e-mail. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mold Test USA for a residential mold/moisture inspection as we had.” – Craig S. (Home Advisor)

“Great customer service and fast turnaround” – Homeowner (Home Advisor)

“They were quick to come by and were very informed and professional!” – Homeowner (Home Advisor)

“Professional, informative and warm.” – Homeowner (Home Advisor)

“very nice and explained things very good” – Homeowner (Home Advisor)

“Knowledgable, friendly, timely, and the inspector Roy Smith was a pleasure.” Homeowner (Home Advisor)



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