Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Utah

Should My Utah Home Be Tested for Mold and Mildew?

Utah Mold Testing and Inspections If you suspect mold in your Utah home, should you have it professionally tested for mold? The answer is yes. Unsure where to begin? Your first step is to get professional inspectors to collect samples of the potential mold on your property. Fear of outrageous prices for getting a certified mold inspector out to your property? Don’t be.

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Mold testing and inspecting has always had a stigma of  being expensive. This is not always the case if you are to call Mold Test USA. Why get mold testing, you may ask. It would be important to know what you are breathing in. It is key to not go right into a mold remediation.

I have personally seen mold remediation going as high as $100,000. That is a lot of money. Much higher than $3-$500. What if what you are smelling or seeing is not a dangerous or toxic mold spore? What if it were just dirt? Sometimes dirt can be misleading. Granted a lot of times you can look at it and tell that it is mold or microbial growth of some sort.

I have personally witnessed the following scenario: Mold was clearly growing on the wall in one room and there was a serious undetected problem in another room, that was not tested. It is totally possible that mold could be growing in another room in the same house, and be completely invisible. Mold testing would be the only way to find out where the problem is inside the home.

If you are trying to find out if the type of mold that is growing in your house is related to your allergy or health symptoms, mold testing is important in your Utah home. You can take the results from your mold test to your Dr. and they can help you determine if the mold spores that are found in your Utah home are related to your health issues. Mold spores are found in various colors. Black mold is the most common. Black mold is actually the nickname that the media has stamped on Stachybotrys.

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Unbiased Mold Testings & Inspections in Utah

We at Mold Test USA are your one stop solution both for testing and inspection. Our company has been categorized at one of the largest mold testing and assessment firms not only in Utah but even across the nation. Remember, we are not a remediation company so you can unquestionably rely upon our reports as we simply provide unprejudiced assessments.

Our team of experts at Mold Test USA focuses solely on improving the growing concerns of air quality in commercial building and private homes situated in the Salt Lake City located in Utah. Once we collect the samples from your premises and get unbiased results from an authorized laboratory, recommendation of the appropriate remediation is provided, if required necessarily.

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What Makes Us Exclusive?

There are numerous factors that contribute significantly to let Mold Test USA stand out of the crowd. Let us have a brief look at them:

  • We incorporate a team of only certified inspectors for mold testing & inspection.
  • We are the sole firm that makes use of Microbiologists & Biologists to scrutinize and infer the actual results effectively.
  • We are proficient in answering any type of query regarding mold inspections & testing to your utmost satisfactory level.
  • We are completely equipped with the best in class and technologically advanced tools & equipment.
  • We incorporate a dedicated team of professionally trained and licensed mold testing & inspection inspectors. Every inspector goes through extensive training and qualifies a particular exam to become a certified mold inspector.
  • We can be your personal specialized consultants and have the efficacy to assist you throughout the process of remediation estimates and contracts.
  • We offer you hassle free and absolutely safe & secured online payment options.

Mold Test USA has the modern technology to provide you peace of mind by delivering to you unbiased mold testing results. Call Mold Test USA today!

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