I Had A Leak In My Roof Do I Need Mold Testing In My Vermont Home

Vermont Mold Testing and Inspections If you had a leak at some point in the roof of your Vermont home, mold testing is not a bad idea. Unfortunately, mold is not always found by visually being able to see it with the naked eye. Therefore, it’s never a bad time or a bad idea to perform mold testing.

As far as the roof goes, what matters the most is, how was it dried out? A lot of times, people let it dry all on its own, or have a fan blowing on it. In all actuality the best way to dry out a water damaged house is with dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers pull all the moisture out of the air and the contents of the house. A dehumidifier will dry the wood inside of the walls. It dries all the way to the center of the wood. But again any time you’re in doubt mold testing is a good idea.

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Where Does mold most commonly grow?

Mold spores in Vermont will grow just about anywhere. When I say that the only surface that mold really does not grow on is concrete. If you ever see mold growing on concrete it is actually growing on the dirt film on the outside of the concrete.

Mold only needs three things in order to survive:

  1.  Oxygen which is obvious we can’t do anything about it.
  2. It needs a food source. A food source is any organic substance. Drywall, carpet, fabric, paint, wood, and any other porous material. We can’t really do anything about that either.
  3. The only other thing that mold needs is moisture. It doesn’t have to be wet for mold to grow. Only moist. Moisture is the only thing that we can control. If we eliminate the moisture mold cannot grow in your Vermont home.

Where did mold come from?

The first mold infestation that we know of, was listed in Leviticus in the Old Testament of the Bible. I believe it was referred to as the “leprosy of houses”. The reason mold floats around everywhere we go is, to decay materials. If it was not for mold we would be living on a pile of trees.

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