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Living in an unsafe, unhygienic and unsanitary environment may result in attracting various illnesses to you and your family. It is always good to get mold testing & inspection done by Mold Test USA in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News, VA after every certain duration of time. It assures that you are living in a healthy and safe environment.

When you suspect the presence of mold on your premises, simply give Mold Test USA a call.

Be it any type of residential or commercial property, Mold Test USA always thrives to successfully conduct specialized mold testing & inspection services in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News, VA. We are tagged as the largest and the highly admired service providers in Virginia due to multitude of reasons like:

  • We only recruit licensed local mold inspectors who have the expertise both in commercial and residential properties
  • We have more than 200 odd affiliate partners that contribute to make us the most reliable and efficient service providers
  • We have been featured on CBS and interviewed for “MSN” and “The Weather Channel”, adding to our credibility tremendously
  • We have the expertise to answer every type of query throughout the process of mold testing and assessment
  • We are the sole company that makes use of accredited microbiologists and biologists to interpret and analyze the results
  • We are always equipped with the trending technology and contemporary equipment to collect the samples and delivering accurate results
  • The samples collected from your premises are always sent to the dedicated authorized laboratories for précised results
  • We are not any kind of mold remediation service provider in Virginia
  • We are always prompt and accurate
  • We are just a single phone call away

Professional Mold Testing & Inspection Services In Virginia
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