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Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Washington, DC

Should I Get A Mold Inspection If I Rent In Washington, DC?

Washington DC Mold Testing and InspectionsThe answer to this question is yes. You should have mold testing and or a mold inspection performed whether or not you own your home, or rent your home in Washington DC.

The first question most renters want to know is; Is my landlord obligated to pay for the mold testing? In most cases, landlords are not obligated to pay for mold testing. Our advice to Washington DC renters is to pay for the mold testing yourself. The reason why you want to pay for the mold test yourself is because this will put you in total control of the results. In most places the landlord is not obligated to tell you what the results are at all. That is why it is important for you to be in the driver seat. We do suggest reading the Washington DC mold law, or the Washington DC landlord-tenant act to further educate yourself or contact an attorney if need be.

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All kinds of things can come into play when renting a home with mold. In Washington DC or anywhere else. One thing to think about is your furniture. If the mold is elevated high enough, it can cause problems with your furniture. The mold spores that are floating around have to land somewhere. The scary thing is if you move your furniture without having it professionally cleaned, you can cross contaminate. This means that you can take the mold spores from the mold infested house, and carry them to the new house. This is why it is very important to get mold testing done, to make sure that the mold spores are not toxic.

When it comes to renting in Washington DC we find that most apartment complexes, and landlords go about taking care of mold problems in the wrong way. The first thing they want to do is wipe it down and paint over it. This is the wrong way of going about mold cleanup. Mold spores colonize, meaning if you can see it with the naked eye you are looking at potentially millions of mold spores, piled on top of each other. This forms what is called a colony. When you wipe it down you are releasing these mold spores in the air, and now everyone is breathing it. .

Test & Inspect For Mold In Your Home

Here at Mold Test USA, we are committed to ensure that the mold in your home does not make you sick. There can be various regular impacts of mold that can be really hazardous for you and your children at home, for the elderly, and for people with debilitated immune systems. Wellbeing issues brought on by mold range from gentle to extreme.

Every individual and family ought to have a safe, clean and healthy environment to live and we have the expertise to provide the mold testing and inspection effortlessly in Washington, DC and Hagerstown, MD.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Others In The Industry?

  • We have a team of exceptionally trained and skilled inspectors that have gone through various rigorous tests to become a certified mold testing & inspection inspector.
  • We pay detailed attention at every corner of your premises to get the best possible results.
  • The samples we take from your premises are sent to dedicated and authorized laboratories and get the most accurate results.
  • We are one of the largest mold testing & inspection companies available throughout the United States.
  • The top notch tools & equipment we use for mold testing and inspections add to our reliability and accurateness of results.
  • We at Mold Test USA are the only service providers in the entire industry that makes use of certified Biologists and Microbiologists to explore and construe the results through the samples collected from your premises.
  • Our team only encompasses trained, experienced and licensed mold testing & inspection assessors.

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