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Is There Any Government Assistance For Mold Issues In West Virginia?

West Virginia Mold Testing and Inspections Whether you are living in West Virginia or anywhere else in the country, there is really not any sort of help when it comes to mold. The people in West Virginia and around the country have asked if there is any financial aid to help with mold. Not even once has someone come forward and announced a solution to this issue. Neither in West Virginia or anywhere else.

Having mold remediation or mold removal in your West Virginia home can be very expensive. Mold Test USA suggests testing. There is some cost associated with testing. However, the information you retain from testing can be well worth it. For instance. Positively thinking, what you are looking at may not be mold at all. Maybe it is mold, but it’s not a dangerous mold. If that is the case you may be able to remove it with no human health danger. On the flip-side of that coin, we may find out that it is a dangerous mold spore such as black mold or toxic mold more commonly known in the industry as Stachybotrys. We may find out that the home is elevated in several rooms. If that is the case you can take your mold test results to your Dr. and find out if it’s related to any possible health problems that you are having or you can ask your doctor if it could lead to health issues in the future.

At this point at least you would know what you are up against. If it is bad, you may want to evaluate your situation and see if there somewhere else you can go to get your family out of that situation. Please note that we at Mold Test USA will not tell you to get out of your house. We only bring you the facts. When I say facts I mean, what kind of mold is it? Is it elevated beyond the outside air?

If you do need help, call our mold specialist at Mold Test USA

What Can I Expect From Mold Test USA

When you have your home inspected for mold by Mold Test USA you are putting your West Virginia home in the hands of the best. We are the only company that I know of that has a biologist on board that read you your results. We will give you our recommendation as to whether or not a high risk mold remediation would be necessary. If it is determined that a mold remediation would be necessary in your Virginia home, the next step would be to contact the mold remediation company of your choice. Once that mold remediation company is finished with their job, Mold Test USA will come back out and perform post-testing. If everything looks good in the levels are back to what we feel is within ecology, we will issue you a clean bill of health. If the remediation does not pass our post inspection we require the mold remediation company to come back and finish their job. It is very common in the industry for remediation companies to attempt to do their own post- testing. I don’t know about you but to me that seems like grading your own homework.

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