Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Wisconsin

Where does mold hide in my home?

Wisconsin Mold Testing and Inspections Where are some places in your Wisconsin home that you may find mold growing. A lot of times the duct work throughout the house builds condensation thus leading to mold growth. It is very important to change your filter on a regular basis. If you can see through your air filter you are not trapping mold spores.

Mold spores are completely microscopic and would require a HEPA filter. Yes I know you can find the air filter very cheap, however you may not actually be filtering anything. Spend a little more on your air filter and you will not have to replace it quite as often. You may also want to take a look under your sinks, and around your tub or shower. A lot of times your caulk seals will come undone. Make sure everything is sealed properly and that you have no leaks.

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There are a lot of basements in Wisconsin, and quite a few crawlspaces as well. You may want to look around there very close. A lot of times you may not see anything at first glance. Sometimes you have to move insulation and such. If you do have a crawlspace, make sure you crawl the entire area. If you just stick your head inside you may not see the link on the other side of the house. You may be thinking to yourself, that mold in the basement or crawl space will not affect you and your family inside of the house. That is actually far from the truth. 40% of the air you breathe inside of the house comes from the crawlspace or basement in your Wisconsin home.

There are various other areas in your Wisconsin home that can produce mold and mildew. Wisconsin is generally a pretty harsh environment to be in in the wintertime. Year after year, your roof takes a beating. You may want to take a look around inside of your attic, look for any sign of water leaks. If there looks to be an apparent previous leak, it’s a good idea to get a mold inspection done to see if there is any microbial growth.

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A lot of times people in Wisconsin tend to ask, how do I get mold and mildew out of my clothes. There are actually a few products on the market for ridding your clothes of mold. Depending on what kind of clothes you actually have there you may end up having to throw them away. You can try washing them in Borax. After washing your clothes in Borax there may be a odor locked in to the material. If that is the case you probably won’t be able to salvage that particular item.

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